7 Deep Cleaning House Tips to Consider Before Listing

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7 Deep Cleaning House Tips to Consider Before Listing

7 Deep Cleaning House Tips to Consider Before Listing 1024 682 Daniel Hickey

Are you listing your house on the market soon? Are you looking for ways to get it sold quickly? No one wants to watch their house sit on the market for months.

Not only does this prevent you from finalizing the moving process, but it also tends to lower the listing price as well. Before you list your house, there are a few cleaning tasks you should complete to ensure it sells fast. With all the best deep cleaning house tips, you can have your house sparkling and ready to welcome all potential buyers.

Don’t have a deep cleaning house checklist? Not sure where to begin? In the guide below, you’ll find a few different deep cleaning tasks you should complete before listing your house.

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1. Clean the Carpet

If there’s carpet in the house, then you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned. Even with the best carpet cleaning products and shampooers, there’s no comparison to having it cleaned by professional carpet cleaning services. Dirt and stains work their way through the fibers of the carpet and into the bottom layer.

Without professional equipment, reaching these deep stains becomes a difficult task. Professional services will have the carpets cleaned, stain-free, and smelling great! When potential buyers come inside to tour the house, they’ll be greeted with new-looking carpets, rather than stains and smelly odors.

If there’s upholstery in your home or rugs, then you’ll want to have these cleaned as well.

2. Scrub the Tile and Grout

Over time, the tile and grout on your floors hold dirt and grime. It may not look dirty to the naked eye, because you’ve become used to it as time has passed. If the grout isn’t a bright white or light grey color, then chances are it needs cleaning.

The tiles, in this case, are most likely due for cleaning as well. Just like when it comes to cleaning your carpets, it’s best to have a professional service come in and clean the tile and grout for you. Even with the best cleaning products, dirt stains on tile and grout can be too stubborn to remove.

With professional services, these stains will lift away, and you’ll be left with bright, shiny tile! You most likely won’t even remember how bright and clean the tile looked once before.

3. Remove All Clutter

The next step is to remove all clutter and personal items from your home. The best way to do this is to place your items in storage if needed. You don’t want to put everything inside a closet or in the garage.

Why? Potential buyers will look in both places! When they see a big mess, it can be a turnoff. It also makes the space look smaller.

You want to show potential buyers a clean space and a blank canvas where they can imagine their own belongings and home decor ideas.

4. Clean Every Drawer and Cabinet

Where else are potential buyers going look? The answer is everywhere. They’re going to look everywhere.

They’ll check all the cabinets and drawers too. This means you need to have all the cabinets and drawers cleared out and cleaned well. You don’t want to leave any traces of crumbs or dust behind.

A cleaned out drawer or cabinet allows potential buyers to see how much storage space they’ll have in the house.

5. Focus on Kitchens and Bathrooms

Another deep cleaning task you don’t want to forget about is cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Rather than doing a quick wipe down, it’s essential you do a good deep cleaning. The kitchen and bathrooms are two of the biggest selling points of a house.

Potential buyers will want to see what potential each of these rooms have. If either of these rooms is dirty, it’ll turn buyers away. Deep cleaning should include cleaning in and around the toilets, under the cabinets, and in every crack and hard-to-reach place as well.

6. Dust, Sweep, Vacuum, Mop

Think you can get away with leaving some dust on the fans? Think again! Potential buyers will spot this and assume the entire house needs cleaning.

Don’t give them the opportunity to think anything but the best about the house. Even if you think buyers won’t see it, make sure to dust everything. This includes the top of fans, bookshelves, curtains, blinds, and more.

After dusting, you then want to sweep your floors. After sweeping, use the vacuum to get any dirt or dust that might have been missed. You can even use your vacuum tools to vacuum the dust off curtains, blinds, fans, and other surfaces as well.

The very last thing you want to do is mop the floors. Then, allow them to fully dry before stepping on them.

7. Implement Pest Control

If there’s an issue with pests in the house, then this is something you need to address before listing the house. Even small pests like ants and fleas need to be taken care of before potential buyers visit the house. One sighting of any type of pest can signal a red flag to the buyers.

To prevent potential buyers from turning down the house due to a pest issue, make sure to hire professional pest services beforehand.

Hire a Deep Cleaning House Service to Do the Hard Work for You

Why put more stress on yourself by trying to deep clean the house before listing it? The moving process itself is overwhelming at times. Rather than putting the weight on your shoulders to have the house clean and ready for buyers, consider hiring a deep cleaning house service to get the job done for you!

At Rugs’n’Rats, we’ll take care of all your cleaning and pest control needs for you!

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