Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Protect Yourself With Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Pests love warm, wet places like the Sunshine Coast and will do irreparable damage if not kept in check. Pest control on the sunshine coast will protect you from health problems and financial damage. The effects of pests like silver moths, cockroaches and rats are often visible long before you see the pests themselves. Knowledge is half the battle won in protecting your home. Noticing the signs that indicate a pest infestation is vital because pests like rats can multiply from six to 60 in only three months.

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Rugs ‘n’ Rats is a local family business that has faithfully serviced the Sunshine Coast for 25 years. We offer comprehensive pest removal that is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed and fitted around your schedule. Our experienced technicians are fully insured against public liability and property damage and certified to Australian standards to give you peace of mind and exemplary service. Protect your property and your family’s health.

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Preventive Pest Control Services

You can take several steps in preventing pests from entering your home, but they will find their way in eventually. Regular inspections by our trained pest control service across the Sunshine Coast is the best way to safeguard your family. Most people follow a spring cleaning philosophy, but that isn’t sufficient to control pests. Pests may multiply easier during the summer months, but they don’t disappear entirely in winter. Twice yearly pest control inspections is a minimum requirement if you want to ensure pests stay away.

  • Keep your house dry. Don’t let water pool anywhere, like in the bathroom under the sink, because dark, damp places draw many pests like cockroaches. Checking the plumbing of your house for leaks is also a good move.
  • Block entrances and seal your food containers to prevent small ant infestations. Large infestations require professional pest control services.

Tail Tail Signs you need a Pest Control Service Near You – Sunshine Coast

What to Look For

  • The signs of pests become apparent once you know what to look for. The annual financial loss due to pests in Australia is a staggering Aus$600 000 for households. The damage extends to your family’s health, too, with insects such as cockroaches causing allergies and severe illnesses, which can include dysentery. Luckily you can prevent infestations by detecting them early and calling a pest control company.
  • Clear signs of rats are dark droppings in the corners of your house and occasional scratching, tapping, or chewing sounds coming from within your walls or ceiling. Rats carry viruses causing diseases like typhoid fever, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever. They can and will chew through anything, damaging the structure, pipes and wiring of your house. Visit our Mice and Rat Pest Control page
  • Cockroaches prefer damp, dark places and are nocturnal, so you will find them in your bathroom or areas where water stagnates, such as a leaking pipe. If there are cockroaches, you will notice them moving about at night. They carry health risks, including salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis, while their droppings can also cause asthma, especially in children. They can further be responsible for holes in your clothes and other textiles as they eat fabric along with practically anything else. Visit our Cockroach Pest Control Sunshine Coast page
  • Unexplained red marks and itching are signs of fleas or bedbugs. You can also identify the presence of bedbugs by finding bloodstains on your sheets, dark spots (bed bug droppings) on your bedding, mattress, and wall, shed skin on your mattress or bedding, or a musty smell. They are tough to exterminate because they can live for a year without feeding. Call pest control Caloundra, pest control Mooloolaba, pest control Pelican Waters, or wherever you live as soon as you suspect these pests. A single female flea can lay hundreds of eggs in her short lifetime, and the infestation can get out of hand quickly. visit our Flea Pest Control page
  • Spiders are one pest that can be beneficial because they control the population of other insects such as flies. Unfortunately, Australia is home to some of the world’s most dangerous arachnids, so you need to be careful. Cobwebs around your house is an obvious sign, but if you know for sure that the spider is not venomous, leave it outside the house or call Caloundra pest control as soon as possible. visit our Spider Pest Control Page
  • Entry – Ants will enter a building through the tiniest of  gaps or cracks, seeking food substances including water, sweets and greasy food. Visit our Ant Pest Control Page

In Australia, there are around 360 species of termite—however, only a small number of them cause damage. Most termites are a benefit to ecosystems as they are excellent recyclers of dead and rotten timber and plant material, and they are a source of food for many animals. Visit our Termite pest control page

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Rugs n Rats Pest Control Sunshine Coast is here to help. With our professional pest control services, we cover a wide range of locations from Caloundra, Noosa, Tewantin, and even travel inland to provide professional pest control in Nambour, Cooroy, Yandina, Maleny.

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Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Other locations we do Pest Control in Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Buderim, Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek, Kawana, Nambour, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Coolum, Alexandra Headlands, Currimundi, Brightwater, and everywhere in between. We are committed to providing effective and environmentally friendly pest control solutions to protect your property and give you peace of mind.

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