Tile & Grout Cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Remove dirt and mould from your tiles

We provide tile cleaning and grout cleaning for homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast.

If you’ve scrubbed and mopped your tiled areas and still feel like it’s not clean, particularly the grout, chances are you are correct. Tiles are great for their durability and ability to clean up, but even tiles will need an occasional deep clean to really look and feel their cleanest.

What if you could have your kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles sparkling clean without the use of harsh chemicals and done quickly. That is exactly what Rugs ‘n’ Rats offer with our tile and grout cleaning service. Our specialist machinery uses a combination of high pressure and high-temperature water to achieve what conventional cleaning methods can’t.

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Visibly noticeable change

Visually tiles look like a polished surface but in actuality, they are quite porous, particularly the exposed grout. We’ve found that because it takes so long for tiles to discolour people often don’t notice the extent of grim they are holding.

Safe deep cleaning option

There are many options for cleaning tiles. Using harsh chemicals will limit access for a period of time and can also potentially affect the health of your family and pets. Our method uses specialist equipment that only requires eco cleaning solutions.

Sunshine Coast Tile Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning tiles and grout is one of our specialist services and we are confident that you will get a better result than other alternatives for cleaning tiles. Don’t rely on strangers from Airtaker or other odd job websites to provide a professional service. We are a locally owned and have over 9 years helping families and businesses around the Sunshine Coast.

Eco Friendly

Our specialist tile and grout cleaning equipment only uses water at high-pressure and high-temperature to remove dirt, mould and grim. There is no need for harsh chemicals.

Quick Dry

The wrong equipment can make any job time consuming. Our tile cleaner is amazingly fast and with just a quick towel down you can walk on the surface immediately

Quality guarantee

There is an odd satisfaction in watching something so effective at removing dirt and grim. We guarantee you will satisfied with the results or we’ll come back.


Mould and mildew accumulated on tile grout, particularly in your shower can actually affect your health. any mold can cause rashes, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and more

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