Rug Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Lift stains and odours from rugs

Rug Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Rugs are often found in high traffic areas of the home and used as decorative pieces. Often rugs are placed in areas to protect the carpet underneath and sustain heavy usage. Without regular rug cleaning, they can start looking visibly stained, smelly and can be hiding bacteria that can affect your health. Our team can clean your rugs with our hassle-free service and make your home feel fresh.

Along we cleaning rugs, we also offer other cleaning services too.

For rug cleaning Sunshine Coast home owners recommend, call us for a free quote today.


Our experienced team are trained to cleanse your carpet of unwanted bacteria, dust mites or allergens that may harm staff or clients.


Our experienced team, trained to Australian Standards will use their expertise to free your carpet from any odours and revitalise its look.


We 100% guarantee our work and if you’re not completely happy with our services we will return and redo your rug cleaning for free!

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Maroochydore

Waiting for carpet to dry after you’ve just had it washed is painful. We use high-pressure suction & high-temperatures to ensure fast drying times.


Our machinery both uses high-temperature water and high-pressure suction to remove any excess water and you can use the area within 4 hours. This also applies to rug cleaning.

In most cases, your carpet will be completely dry within 48 hours.

Yes, our Sunshine Coast rug cleaning service is 100% guaranteed and if you are not completely satisfied we will revisit your home within 48hrs to rectify the problem.

At Rugs ‘n’ rats we’re proud to say that within 48hrs of you making an appointment, we can be at your home providing our professional carpet cleaning services for you.

We have been providing quality carpet cleaning services for over 15 years and our technicians are fully qualified and certified. Find out more at About Us

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