Fleas Treatment Sunshine Coast

Flea control is a common service we provide, as they can be a difficult pest to get rid of without the right strategy.

If you are able to identify a flea infestation, there are several steps to take. First, call your veterinarian in order to find out the best flea treatment options for your pet. Next move on to checking your home for an infestation.

You should thoroughly clean the home, especially areas where your pet spends a lot of time. Make sure to wash linens and dog beds in order to kill possible fleas. Because flea infestations can be difficult to maintain, it is a good idea to call your pest control expert in order to ensure that the problem is handled correctly.

Clean out and spray the interior of your home with pesticides. Expose your entire yard to sunlight as well to harm the reproduction cycle of the fleas. Give your pets a good bath with a flea shampoo and then apply a long-term treatment product.

If your struggling to remove fleas from your home or premises contact the team at Rugs ‘n’ Rats to eradicate your flea problem.

Flea Control Tips

  • Pick up all loose items from the floor
  • Wash all of the bedding
  • Vacuum every surface
  • Spray an insecticide throughout your home
  • Apply botanical dust mixed with borate acid after 2 weeks
  • Vacuum up the dust when you return home
  • Remove all debris from your yard
  • Spray your yard with insecticide
  • Wash your pet starting with the head and moving downwards
  • Apply a flea-killing product directly to your pet