School Carpet Cleaning

Hygienic, fresh and efficient cleaning

School Carpet Cleaning

Schools have high traffic carpeted areas with students using them heavily every day. Imagine how much dirt, dust, allergens and possibly bacteria may be present in a school carpeted room.

Rugs ‘n’ Rats provides a professional, efficient and high-quality carpet cleaning service for schools. We know it’s important that carpet in schools is kept hygienic, comfortable and fresh for the students. We provide a comprehensive, reliable service that ensures school carpets are well-maintained.

Our cleaning specialists use state of the art technology to ensure this service meets the highest Australian standards. Using products that are environmentally friendly, they are also safe for children, young people, parents or staff. Our quick drying technology will ensure your carpets are able to be used as quickly as possible.

Rugs ‘n’ Rats provides 100% guaranteed services that will safeguard your school by providing carpets that are healthier, brighter and fresher for staff and students.

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Yes, our service is 100% guaranteed and if you are not completely satisfied we will revisit your school within 48hrs to rectify the problem.

In most cases your carpet will be dry within 48 to 72hrs, through our high-speed drying fans and dehumidifiers.

Yes, we provide quality, professional services to keep your school hygienic and healthy for students, staff and visitors.

At Rugs ‘n’ rats we’re proud to say that within 48hrs of you making an appointment, we can be at your school providing our professional carpet cleaning services for you.

We have been providing quality carpet cleaning services for over 15 years and our technicians are fully qualified and certified. Find out more at About Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

We 100% guarantee our work and if you’re not completely happy with our services we will return and redo your carpet cleaning for free!

Reduced Health Risks

Our experienced team are trained to cleanse your carpet of unwanted bacteria, dust mites or allergens that may harm students or staff.

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Eco-friendly Products

Our quality cleaning products are environmentally friendly and completely safe for your students, parents and staff.

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Maroochydore

Through our state of the art technology we provide a quick drying system so your carpet will be operational as quickly as possible.


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