Get Rid of Wasps

We provide fast wasp removal on the Sunshine Coast. We know wasps are painful, so make it a priority to get rid of wasps for clients quickly.

If you do locate a wasps nest, there are several steps that you can take to eliminate the nest is a safe manner. Although there are other methods to eliminate an infestation, the easiest and safest way is to call your local pest control expert. If the nest is small, there are several methods that you can try to get rid of it, such as aerosol spray. Always take extra care when handling a nest because wasps will sting if they feel threatened. If at any time you feel that the problem is out of control, immediately contact your local pest control expert in order to ensure a quick, safe and effective wasp removal.

Wasp infestations can be fairly common in residential areas. If you notice a few wasps flying near your home, that can be an indication that a nest is located near by and you should inspect your home to determine its location and eliminate it. Wasps nest are usually small in size but some can grow to be a very large home to an enormous population of wasps. Nests can be found both on and near homes. Generally, wasps prefer to nest in a location that provides shelter from the elements, such as under siding, in corners of homes, in gutters or in trees.

To completely get rid of your wasp problem contact Rugs ‘n’ Rats and we’ll come out to your property and get rid of them hassle free.

Wasp Control Tips

We provide fast wasp removal, but these steps can help prevent them or get rid of them.

  • Swat wasps using a flyswatter
  • Suck the wasps up using a powerful lightweight vacuum
  • Hide appealing food sources
  • Hang a lure trap along your property line
  • Attach a bait station onto a close by post or tree trunk
  • Set glue traps near wasp nests and entryways to the nests
  • Make a drinking station bait with water and pyrethroid powder
  • Hang a fake nest within
  • Knock the nest down after applying insecticide
  • Drown underground nests with boiling water at night
  • Capture and seal the nest in the fall

We can help get rid of wasps in schools, workplaces or homes across the coast.