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Rugs ‘N’ Rats knows that a prompt, reliable and efficient pest controller is important to protecting your home and your families.

We deliver quality, comprehensive Pest Control services on the Sunshine Coast in a timely, considerate and flexible manner. Using our high-quality products, we minimise the inconvenience for you, your family or your pets. Our experienced, fully licensed, technicians are comprehensively insured for public liability and/or property damage.

Pest control for your home is essential for your family’s wellbeing and health. It also plays an important role in protecting your home and contents from damage. Pests not only cause health problems but they can also damage your home. Ignoring an invasion of household pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice, silverfish, bedbugs, wasps, ants and spiders risks not only your property’s value but also your family’s health. Having pest management services carried out as a preventative method is advisable and available from Rugs ‘N’ Rats.

For your own peace of mind, let us take care of your pest problems, with our fully guaranteed Sunshine Coast Pest Control service.

Residential Pest Control


Yes, our service comes with a full 12-month warranty. If any issues arise, we will revisit your home within 48hrs to rectify the problem.

At Rugs ‘n’ Rats we’re proud to say that within 48 hours of you making an appointment, we can have a pest controller at your home completing our high quality, pest control services.

Pests can cause structural and visual damage to your home, not only this they can spread diseases, cause health issues and are known to bite or sting humans.

Rats ‘n’ Rats has been providing pest control services for over 15 years, take advantage of our expert fully qualified and certified technicians. Find out more at about Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

We 100% guarantee our work and if you’re not completely happy with our services we will return and redo the pest control for free.

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Reduced Risk

Our experienced technicians are fully insured for public liability and/or property damage and certified to Australian standards.

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Protect your Assets

Keeping your house safe from pest infestation will save you money and protect your asset with our hassle-free pest control service.

Reduced Health Risks

Our team, trained to Australian Standards will use their expertise to rid your house of unwanted pests that could cause damage to your health.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning


Emergency Carpet Cleaning