Residential Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Remove stains, dust and odours

Over time even our regularly vacuumed carpet can accumulate dust, dirt and bacteria. Whether you need to refresh old carpet or require an exceptional bond-clean we take the stress out of carpet cleaning for you.

Using our highly effective, eco-friendly cleaning products, safe for your family, friends and pets, our Sunshine Coast Carpet Cleaning service produces superior results for you, 100% guaranteed. Our high-pressure, water extraction cleaning method provides the best penetrating clean, it’s quick drying and completely removes odours and stubborn stains, without damaging your carpet. Your carpet will be revitalised, smelling fresh and free of allergen causing dust mites and bacteria.

Our specialist team are trained to Australian standards, ensuring you receive the best processes and methods. At Rugs ‘n’ Rats we take good care of your carpet, extending its lifespan and leaving you with a clean, fresh and rejuvenated environment.

Importance of Carpet Cleaning


Yes, our service is 100% guaranteed and if you are not completely satisfied we will revisit your home within 48hrs to rectify the problem.

In most cases your carpet will be dry within 48 to 72hrs, through our high-speed drying fans and dehumidifiers.

At Rugs ‘n’ rats we’re proud to say that within 48hrs of you making an appointment, we can be at your home providing our professional carpet cleaning services for you.

We have been providing quality carpet cleaning services for over 15 years and our technicians are fully qualified and certified. Find out more at About Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

We 100% guarantee our work and if you’re not completely happy with our services we will return and redo your carpet cleaning for free!


Our experienced team, trained to Australian Standards will use their expertise to free your carpet from any odours and revitalise its look.

Eco-friendly Products

Our quality cleaning products are environmentally friendly and completely safe for your family, friends and pets.

Quick Dry

Through our state of the art technology we provide a quick drying system so your carpet will be back to normal as quickly as possible.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning


Emergency Carpet Cleaning