Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast

Efficient Termite Treatment That Sunshine Coast Residents Can Trust

Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast

Looking for high-quality, efficient, and affordable termite treatment that Sunshine Coast residents trust? At Rugs ‘n’ Rats, we have more than 25 years of experience in carpet and upholstery cleaning and pest control. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for both residential and commercial cleaning and pest treatment services.

For service satisfaction, Rugs ‘n’ Rats is the number-one choice for termite protection for Sunshine Coast families and businesses. Timely, considerate, and flexible termite control in the Sunshine Coast can help minimise your stress and limit inconvenience for you and your family or workplace.

All About Termites

In Australia, there are around 360 species of termite—however, only a small number of them cause damage. Most termites are a benefit to ecosystems as they are excellent recyclers of dead and rotten timber and plant material, and they are a source of food for many animals.

The potential for these pests to cause damage is different for each species as their feeding preferences and habits vary. It is important to identify the species present in an infestation to ensure effective long-term control.

  • Subterranean termites are the most common type that infests timber in buildings, and they are the most destructive termites on a worldwide level. They build shelter tubes in the soil to maintain contact with the ground for moisture to survive, right into the structure of your building, securing protection from predators and maintaining a moist environment. They often build their tubes on inside walls, porches, or chimneys where they can protect themselves from being spotted.
  • Drywood termites are less moisture dependant, and they are bound to cause trouble inside your home with furniture and other wooden items. They live, nest, and feed in wood with a low moisture level. They live in small colonies inside pieces of timber—sometimes more than one colony per piece of timber. They do not feed on the grain of the timber as the subterranean termite does, and they often infest both soft and hardwood timber. They do not need contact with the ground.
  • The Dampwood termite is a decayed wood infester that remains moist through contact with the soil or a water leak in a building. These pests will most likely infest timber that is outside, such as a stump or log on the ground. They live wholly inside the timber. They may infest timber for years, as with the Drywood termite, before they are discovered, and colonies are typically small. They are easy to control, as when you discover these pests in a building, it usually indicates a moisture problem that you can remove or rectify.

Signs of Termites

Termites can cause significant damage to your home. You can guard your home against grave damage if you are able to identify infestations as soon as possible. If you carefully inspect your home and engage Rugs ‘n’ Rats to complete an inspection of your property, you will be able to identify the pests’ activity early enough to avoid as much damage as possible.

Shelter tubes, wood damage, and flying swarmers are clear signs that you have termites in your residence or business. Many tests are easy for you to perform yourself, but professional pest control technicians have the extensive knowledge to perform a complete audit of infestations and provide efficient control.

  • Swarmers are reproductive colony members that take flight in summer to search for new places to start a colony. Active termites nearby are easier to detect when you see winged insects emerging from wood or soil. They are drawn to light, and their cast-off wings are easy to encounter around windows or doors.
  • Different termites damage substances differently. Drywood termites burrow and leave pallets or wood powder or cause the wood to blister.  Dampwood termites leave the wood feeling soft and generally leave no external damage because they plug openings with faecal material. Subterranean termites are more common, and they cannot live in open air, so they build their galleries in timber. Severely damaged timber will sound hollow when you tap it and will be easy to pierce.
  • As termites build shelter tubes or mud tubes, you may find evidence on foundation slabs or walls, attics, floor joints, and crawl space piers. The tunnels are brown in colour and about the width of a pencil.

Effective pest control is essential in protecting your family’s health and your property from damage. Our hassle-free pest control service will protect your home from infestation, saving you time and money in repairs and replacement while reducing health risks.

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We know that prompt, reliable, and efficient pest control is what you need to protect your home and family or workplace. Contact Rugs ‘n’ Rats today to experience pest control services that are convenient, safe, and affordable in the Sunshine Coast.