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7 Ways Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home 1024 682 Daniel Hickey

7 Ways Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

If you’re part of the over four million Australians with allergies, you’re probably wondering how to improve your indoor air quality to breathe easier at home.

Don’t live a life of suffering from allergies! You can do things to your home to help improve the air quality and improve your overall health.

Be sure to keep reading to learn our six ways cleaning can improve indoor air quality in your home!

1. Clean Your Filters

It’s recommended to change your home’s air filter every three months, but if you have pets, you really should be changing it monthly. You also need to regularly check your air conditioning unit and make sure that any filters or fans are clear from dust and debris.

To really get the cleanest air possible, you should do these checks monthly, and if you see any issues, get a professional out there to help you.

2. Air Duct Cleaning

There are many benefits to getting your air ducts cleaned, and one of the major ones is better air quality. There is a lot of dust that gets trapped in your air ducts, and every time you run your heat or air conditioning, it’s loosening and releasing that dirt. When you have allergies or any air sensitivities, this can cause you a lot of issues.

When your get your air ducts cleaned, they should also clean all of your vents, which have hidden dust and dirt that you can’t wipe away from where you are. You need to take the vents off and be sure to clean both sides before putting them back, and an air duct cleaning service will do that for you.

Another added benefit of getting your air ducts cleaned is you’ll have to dust less! This is because most of the dust that you’re cleaning is coming from the ducts.

3. Clean Your Window Screens

At least once a year, you should take all of your screens out of your home’s windows and give them a good wash. Pollen and other dust and allergens get stuck on the screens, and you let them into your home every time you open the windows.

All you need is a hose, a sponge, some dish soap, and a little elbow grease to get them clean. Then, once they’re dry, you can pop them back in and enjoy a clean, fresh breeze.

4. Look For Mold or Mildew

Once a month, you should go through your home and look for mold or mildew accumulation. The areas you should be checking are:

  • Bathroom ceilings
  • Behind the toilet
  • Around your water softener
  • Near any humid areas

If you notice any mold or mildew in these areas, be sure to clean the areas thoroughly. You’ll also want to be sure to check the same areas you’ve found mold before, so you can prevent it from coming back.

5. Clean Dirty Carpets to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Every time you walk on your carpets, you’re leaving behind dust, dirt, and grime that will ultimately end up in the air. This goes for everyone living in your home, and if you have pets, you have even more grime in there. It would be best if you were vacuuming at least once a week to prevent any of these from getting into the air and your lungs.

It’s also important to be sure you regularly deep clean your carpets to get all of the dust and odors out of your floor in between your vacuuming sessions. A deep cleaning session will go further into your carpet than your household vacuum can. It will also help to extend the lifetime of your carpet by keeping it clean for years to come.

6. Don’t Forget the Grout!

Not only do your carpets need to be cleaned to get your indoor air cleaner, but you should also be cleaning your tile and grout! There can be dust and debris that get stuck to the tile and grout that hold in more germs. If you casually clean your tiles but only dusting or vacuuming, you’re missing a lot of the germs in your home.

Be sure to clean your tile or other hardwood floors at least once a week to keep your air clean inside.

7. Get an Air Purifier

If you’ve done all your home cleaning and still feel like you don’t have the best air quality possible, then it’s time to invest in an air purifier. This is the best way to improve indoor air quality and can be run daily to help you out.

They’re not expensive and are a great way to keep your air clean without a lot of maintenance on your end.

How to Tell if My Air Isn’t Clean Enough?

One of the best ways to tell if your air isn’t clean enough is by taking note of symptoms or issues you notice in yourself or your pets. If your pets sneeze a lot, or you have a runny nose, you may not have the cleanest air. These symptoms closely match those of a cold, so if you have these and can’t seem to shake them, it’s time to call in a professional to help you clean your home.

Deep Clean Your Home Today

Now that you know our six ways cleaning can improve indoor air quality in your home, it’s time to deep clean your home! Remember to get your air ducts cleaned, and don’t skip out of that deep carpet cleaning.

Do you need help cleaning your floors? Then be sure to reach out to us! We offer all types of cleaning services that will help keep your home clean and help you breathe easier.