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Carpet Cleaning Hacks: 5 Tricks From the Pros 1024 684 Daniel Hickey

Carpet Cleaning Hacks: 5 Tricks From the Pros

Are your carpets looking a little dingy, or do you notice a strange smell you can’t quite place? We try our best to keep our carpets clean and fresh, but accidents happen, and carpets get dirty. Carpets can also trap odours, making our homes or businesses smell less than fresh.

Whether you accidentally spilled something onto your new rug or it’s been a while since you performed a deep cleaning on those carpets, you might be looking for some carpet cleaning hacks.

Below, we go over five simple cleaning and maintenance tips so you can keep your carpets in great shape.

1. Clean Carpets Twice a Year

Even if your carpet is blessedly free of spills and stains, you should consider cleaning the carpets in your home every six months. There’s a lot of grime hiding in those little fibers, even if you’re careful about not wearing shoes inside.

Dust, dirt, and even pollen fall off your shoes and clothes and get tracked through the carpet. Sure, regular vacuuming helps, but some grime gets stuck deep in the fibers. That’s why you should schedule a professional carpet cleaning for your home or business at least twice a year.

2. Treat Stains the Right Way

The way you treat a red wine stain isn’t going to be the same as the way you handle a pet urine stain. First, let’s go over the basic steps you’ll want to follow for all stain removal, and then we’ll cover different ways to treat common staining.

Step 1: Absorb the Liquid

The first step is to soak up the liquids with paper towels or a type of absorbent cloth. Blot the area and gently press down—avoid rubbing the spill, or you could be doing more harm than good. Rubbing liquid causes it to soak further into the carpet fibers, which can make the stain worse!

One of our favorite carpet cleaning hacks is to blot the spill from the outside toward the middle to avoid spreading the stain to the rest of your carpet.

Step 2: Identify the Stain

If you saw the stain happen, such as spilling a wine glass or your child dropping their juice all over the floor, that makes this part easier. However, you may not always know what caused the stain or how long it’s been on the carpeting.

When identifying a stain, you’ll first want to consider the location. A rug in the dining room, by the kitchen sink, or in a common area like a cafeteria or dining hall are prone to food and drink stains. A dark stain near the coffee maker is likely from coffee or tea.

Stains in areas with lots of foot traffic are often from dirt or mud tracked from outside.

Consider the colour and texture of the stain to identify the source. If the stain has been on the carpet for a while, it’s going to take more effort to remove.

When it comes to pet urine stains, you can use a black light or UV light to identify the location of the accident. A black light will illuminate any substance with phosphors, such as dog and cat pee, so you can treat even older stains.

Step 3: Treat the Stain

Common stains such as coffee, food, wine, and pet urine all take a toll on the carpet. However, the way you treat them may vary.

For pet urine, you’ll need to use a cleaner with enzymes. These enzymes break down the urine molecules, which also help eliminate the smell.

What about the dreaded red wine stain? You can use special cleaners meant for wine stains or mix some dish detergent with white vinegar and some warm water. When cleaning a carpet with wine stains, it’s important to act fast.

If you notice coffee stains on your rugs or carpeting, you can either use a special cleaner or use the dish soap and vinegar mixture again. If the coffee contained cream, milk, or sugar, you could use an enzyme laundry detergent. This can help eliminate the stickiness.

Stubborn stains may need more than one treatment.

3. Dealing With Reappearing Stains

Have you ever noticed a stain reappearing after cleaning it up? Stains are annoying enough, but recurring stains are enough to cause a major headache.

Reappearing stains are usually due to soiling or wicking. Soiling is a result of leftover residue on the carpet that wasn’t cleaned up. Wicking happens when a liquid soaks through to the padding. In time, this liquid can reappear on the carpet as it wicks up toward the surface again.

Neither of these situations is ideal, which is why you need to attend to carpet stains as quickly as possible. When dealing with stubborn stains, call a carpet cleaning company. Carpet cleaning professionals have special equipment that can lift stains and odours.

4. Pay Attention to High-Traffic Areas

Areas with lots of foot traffic, such as stairs, entryways, and hallways, see a lot more wear and tear than other areas. As a result, these rooms and spaces are more likely to see ground-in dirt or food and drink stains. Pay closer attention to these areas as they’ll need more frequent cleaning than other rooms.

To keep your carpet looking like new, perform regular vacuuming, and spot-treat these areas when you notice stains and dirt.

It helps to have a vacuum with the right attachments to clean areas like stairs and hard-to-reach spots in the home, such as behind furniture.

5. Invest in a Carpet Cleaning Service

When you’re busy with work, social activities, and taking care of the little ones, cleaning the carpets is often the last thing on your mind. Since regular carpet cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean home, why not have those carpets professionally cleaned?

A professional carpet cleaning uses special equipment to eliminate stains, bacteria, dust, and odours. Regular cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet and make your home a cleaner and safer place.

Use These Carpet Cleaning Hacks for a Cleaner Home

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen, and your carpet is bound to suffer a few spills. Thankfully, you can use these carpet cleaning hacks to make cleaning up that mess a little easier!

If you need a professional carpet cleaning, leave it to us and send us a message. We’ll have your home or business looking like new in no time.

how to get smell out of carpet
Deep Cleaning: How to Get Smell Out of Carpet Fibers 1024 682 Daniel Hickey

Deep Cleaning: How to Get Smell Out of Carpet Fibers

You feel like you’ve cleaned your entire home but there is still a nasty odour wafting throughout the place. The source of the smell might be an area that you accidentally left untouched or it could be your carpets.

Carpets are like sponges. Even if you clean up each spill and pet accident, they still absorb more and more odours. Not sure how to get smells out of the carpet?

Well, you have options and not all of them involve an expensive steam cleaner. Baking soda and vinegar are always a good way to go. Check out this guide for a few more carpet cleaning methods that will actually work.

Enzyme Cleaners

Even the most well-behaved, potty trained dog can have an accident in the house. You may be able to soak up the stain with some kind of cleaner and a cloth but the odour will still be there.

The smell of pet urine is pretty hard to get out unless you invest in an enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleaners produce good bacteria that feed on the molecules in organic material such as blood and pet urine. This process gets rid of stains and also kicks odours to the curb.

You can get them in almost any hardware store or order them online. Make sure you use the cleaner as directed on the bottle.

Baking Soda

If you have one thing in your kitchen cabinets it’s baking soda. It’s great for baking cakes or getting rid of smells. Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on your carpets.

Leave it alone and allow it to sit for a few hours if the smell isn’t too bad. If you’re dealing with strong odours, allow it to sit for a little over a day.

Vacuum up the baking soda when you feel like it’s been sitting on the carpet long enough. Empty the vacuum’s filter and repeat the process if the smell is still deciding to stick around.


If the carpet smells a bit musty then there is a good chance you’ve got mould and mildew on your hands. The good news is that you can get rid of it with basic home products.

Vinegar works as a powerful cleaning solution that can tackle most things in your home. Including your carpets.

Pour one cup of vinegar and two cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray your entire carpet with it and wait for it to dry. The strong vinegar will help get rid of the musty mildew smell.

Keep in mind when you’re spraying your carpet that you shouldn’t go overboard. Mildew and mould love moisture and will grow in large numbers if you soak your carpets all the way through.

Baking Soda and Essential Oils

If the baking soda method didn’t do it for you, try to add a few drops of essential oils into the mix. They have a heavy scent that’s great for overpowering strong odours.

Choose your favourite scent and put about fifteen drops of it into a container. Combine the drops with two cups of baking soda, put a lid on the container, and shake it well. This will evenly distribute the oil into the baking soda.

From there, follow the steps that we laid out before. Sprinkle the mixture on the carpet, let it sit for up to a day depending on how bad the odour is, and vacuum it up.

Make sure to keep your pets in mind when you’re trying out this method. Dogs don’t like strong scents like peppermint and citrus smells like lemon and orange will make your cat sick.

Carpet Shampooing

Your carpets may smell bad because they have never been deep cleaned. If this is the case, head to a hardware store and buy a carpet cleaner or rent one if you can’t afford to purchase one outright.

Choose a deodorizing shampoo and set up the machine as directed in the user manual. The carpet cleaner will distribute water and cleaner and extract it at the same time so you won’t have to worry about your carpets getting soaked.

Throw the Whole Carpet Out

If your carpet is several years old or covered in stains that you can’t seem to get rid of, it might be time for you to toss the entire thing out and replace it.

Certain stains like urine will destroy a good carpet. There will be no getting the odour out so you’ll have to start over.

If you’re not sure if your problem warrants a replacement, call a carpet cleaning and pest control company. They will check out the situation and give you their honest opinion.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

Speaking of professional carpet cleaners, if none of the methods we’ve been over have worked, it might be best for you to hire someone else to do the job. They’ll be equipped with all the tools necessary to get rid of bacteria and allergens as well as take care of smells.

It also saves you time and money. For example, say you tried to clean the carpets yourself and you ruined them.

It will cost quite a bit to have them replaced. With a professional, you pretty much never have to worry about this scenario.

How to Get Smells Out of the Carpet and Enjoy an Odorless Home

Is there an unknown odour wafting through your home? There’s a good chance that it’s the carpet. They attract all sorts of smells from pet odours and years worth of other spills.

Learn how to get smells out of the carpet or hire professional carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Contact us to ask about our services and book an appointment.