Pre-Treatment Pest Control Advice

Welcome to Rugs n Rats Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management, your trusted partner for effective pest control solutions. Before initiating any pest control service, we urge our valued customers to carefully read through our pre-treatment pest control advice below and adhere to the outlined precautions and instructions provided by our licensed technicians.

Technician Contact Details and Licences:

  • Guy Ingram
    • Contact Number: 1300 304 284
    • Queensland Pest Management Technician License Number: PMT3005151615 (Urban Pests and Timber Pests)
    • Queensland QBCC Nominee Supervisor Licence Number: 15047425
  • Jody Fischer
    • Contact Number: 1300 304 284
    • Queensland Pest Management Technician License Number: PMT012534524 (Urban Pests)

Pre-Treatment Pest Control Advice:

APVMA-Approved Pesticides:
Our licensed technicians exclusively utilise pest management agents and products that have received approval by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), ensuring compliance within the relevant State or Territory. At Rugs n Rats, we prioritise your safety and the effectiveness of our services.

Customer Responsibilities & Liabilities:
The success of our pest management program heavily relies on your cooperation, particularly regarding hygiene and property maintenance. Please note that Rugs n Rats will not be held liable for any staining or damages to fabrics, wall coverings, or other materials as a result of APVMA-approved pesticides application. Additionally, customers are responsible for providing accurate building and landscaping details to avoid any damage during treatments that require concrete drilling or cutting.

Precautions Before, During, and After Treatment:

  • Inform us of any health concerns, allergies, or presence of pets prior to treatment.
  • Ensure all food items, utensils, and personal belongings are securely covered or removed from the treatment area.
  • Exclude people and pets from treated areas until it’s safe to return.
  • Follow any specific directives provided by our technician regarding preparation and post-treatment activities.

Free Service Period & Warranty:
Rugs n Rats offers a Free Service Period for treatments, subject to terms and conditions outlined at the start of your service. Your cooperation in notifying us of any pest infestation signs is crucial for the warranty’s validity.

Limitations of Treatment:
Our treatments target the specified pest species and are bound by the product’s label instructions regarding application rates and environmental conditions. General and termite control treatments’ effectiveness may vary, and we strictly adhere to APVMA guidelines to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Limitation of Liability:
Rugs n Rats’ liability is limited to conditions specified within Australian Consumer Law, focusing on service replacement or repair. Our commitment is towards providing effective pest management solutions while ensuring customer satisfaction within the legal and safety standards.

For further assistance or to schedule your pest control service, contact Rugs n Rats today. Together, we can achieve a safer and pest-free environment.